At the end of the day, it is all about respecting each other!

Because my post about life with an aggressive dog has gone viral, for which I am really grateful and proud, I would like to talk about aggression one more time. But this time it will be a more practical point of view.

People with reactive, fearful, aggressive dogs live among us. You can even be my and Gunia’s neighbor. It is my responsibility and obligation to keep everyone safe and this is what I do. This is not to be discussed. But I meet many people a during walk in the forest, or on the street who have no idea how to act when in the company of such a dog. In this post I want to outline just few basic tips and helpful (for both sides) ideas how to make our coexistence mutually enjoyable. These are the most common issues I encounter with my dog.

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My life with an aggressive dog!

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Gunia was adopted when she was around 5 or 6 months old. She was my perfect pit-bull type dog. Even her color matched the one of my dreams about perfect a pitbull.
From the very beginning she was shy and insecure towards dogs and strangers.
I had made many mistakes while raising her (but who does not) and with my current knowledge I definitely would have changed many things.
I can not say why she is/ was/ became aggressive. Her early life (it was not paradise as she ended up on the street), genes, certain events in her life, an early sterilization. I have no idea and never will.
The only thing I am sure is that she is the dog that taught me a great deal about the dog’s world and I’m forever grateful. This post will not be behavioral advice nor any advice. It will be a simple description how life is with dog like Gunia and what can we do to make it better.

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